Are you ready to learn hands on the traditions of the wisdom keepers and healers? Then come retreat with us! Available to courageous souls who are ready for adventure, discipline, and the open mindedness that are required to be guided on this a one of a kind journey of self discovery. Offerings include individual and group counseling, Sound healing, Yoga, evening meditation, sacred ceremony, floral blessings, ripote, lecture from master teachers, as well as lodging and healthy catered meals.
Sound Healing is a potent therapy that combines an intentional practice of sound, music, singing, and instrumentation.
Plant medicine add's fresh perspective on life, improving one's self-knowledge, resolving trauma and rejuvenating relationships.
Sound Healing
Plant Experience
Mindfulness practices, such as yoga, meditation and breathing practices, are a way to gently retrain the mind and elevate your perspective.
Yoga and Meditation
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