Plant medicine is an opportunity to learn and experience guided traditional healing and ceremony as taught by expert first nation indigenous master healers. With practices firmly rooted in authenticity where the spiritual connections made in the natural world have been taught and handed down through time honored lineage. Guidance is specifically tailored for each individuals unique and respected path.
The plant medicine path is one of time honored tradition guarded by wisdom keepers who hold onto sacred and often times secretive knowledge.
Our trusted teachers and shamanic guides have brought to us revelations of both the most obvious and foreign from our Western perspective. The foundational aspect In these teachings is that there is communion with the intelligence and spirit of plants, medicines, and herbs, both everyday and exotic. Viewed through the lens as spiritual guides more than mundane ornaments the healing happens as we begin to open up and relate to plant medicine as allies and partners in our evolutionary journey of growth and healing. From simply bathing in aromatherapeutic flower water to the purification rituals of sitting in guided sacred sound ceremony, its process is designed to open the senses and deepen our personal awareness of our own connection to the nature of creation. Plant medicine simply put is natural medicine and a process of redefining what connections we have yet to acknowledge. As the human component we need to recognize and relearn our role in the world that surrounds us as well as the interactive nature that encompasses us both.
3 day retreat in the foothills of the Puget Sound at farmhouse property. You’ll join us at just outside of town where wandering streams flow and property ponds sing with life amongst towering Cedar and Douglas Fir.
Seattle | April 11th-13th
Tropical paradise awaits you on this full 3 day seminar or nightly drop in on beautiful Oahu. Our private location sits tucked away surrounded by lush mountain and sea scapes.
Oahu | May 16th-19th
Maestro Kestenbetsa and Maestra Hilda
Maestro Kestenbetsa
Dr. Elisha Bokman ND, LAc
I cannot recommend Sound Baths with Sacred Sound Medicine enough! The unique combination they offer of kundalini yoga, Amazonian shamanic healing and sound healing is powerful and transformative. I always leave their events feeling like my nervous system has been completely rebalanced and fully replenished in mind, body and spirit. They are truly gifted healers.
Naturopathic Dr, Licensed Acupuncturist, Quantum Energy Healer