16 – 19 MAY, Oahu, hawaii
Tropical paradise awaits you on this 4 night retreat on beautiful Oahu. Our private location sits tucked away surrounded by lush mountain and sea scapes.
Empowering individuals with sacred knowledge to achieve true healing, self-discovery, and spiritual growth through an experience of sound and nature.
Explore your connection to creative consciousness with healers and guides Ronin Mane and Metsa Noma. With a life long passion of study in alternative modalities of self discovery, health, and wellness we offer one on one counseling, private yoga instruction, private sound healing, group yoga class instruction, group sound bath offerings, and plant medicine nature retreats.

Join us as we pair the practices of Sound healing, Yoga, and Shamanic traditions of indigenous healers for renewed harmony of the mind, body, spirit, and soul.
Mindfulness practices, such as yoga, meditation and breathing practices, are a way to gently retrain the mind and elevate your perspective.
Sound Healing is a potent therapy that combines an intentional practice of sound, music, singing, and instrumentation.
Yoga and Meditation
Sound Healing
Ground the self and expand your knowledge with our guided song and healing circle. Experience promises to gain clarity, insight, and fresh perspective on life’s deeper intricacies.
Shamanic Healing
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Our team has been fused together in practice with decades of direct supervision under master teachers and wisdom keepers of both yogic lineages that span the course of centuries and the indigenous peoples of Yucatali region of Peru.
We have carefully selected our team from the most dedicated and trustworthy of applicants while maintaining lifelong friendships with our community members.
I had an otherworldly experience, literally! I was amazed with the experience and would definitely would recommend to others. I learned a lot and will do it again for sure!
Yoga Teacher
It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my entire life. From every last detail the trip was perfect: I felt safe, loved, and protected the whole time. If you want an authentic journey with plant medicine, you must go to here.
Digital Marketing
That was incredibly powerful experience. It is something that getting your back to yourself. If you ever get a chance to visit, don't ever think to skip it. The experience will change your life...
Developer, Game Design