Sound Healing
Our sound healing offerings start with a group vision discussion, breath work, and movement which then is combined with song, prayer, and play. We form sacred resonance with our tools of voice and instrument to bring about a structural change in the energy body and space with healing intention.
Sound healing is a universal term that applies to both the Yogic and Shamanic traditions and lineages we embrace.
First there was the word and the word was and is with creation. Everything spoken, voiced, played, and sounded resonates as a vibration that echos throughout the halls of space and time and is recorded in the manifest and etheric realms. As sound healers we must first purify and engage with our inner self and our connection to the creative consciousness that surrounds us and in turn through us to speak our prayers and intentions into being. We use our voice and our song, our healing crystal bowls and Sun gong. We play our flutes, chant, and play our drums and our guitar and don’t forget about the didgeridoo ;-) We bring your intentions into the mix to send you good wishes and clean out the old. For the clutter of what no longer serves us must be told… to go!
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