Our intention is to discover the root cause of any physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalance and then offer our assistance with the appropriate support. Our team of healers, shamans, guides, and energy workers utilize alternative techniques that are based on tried and true ancient and indigenous practices. We believe in the inherent beauty and harmony of Mother Earth and of that of all of her creations and that we all can and will exist as part of the Creators plan to bring greater awareness and growth into each others individual life path.
Metsa Noma
Metsa Noma "shiny woman" follows in the footsteps of her mentor Kestenbetsa.

Her medicine is of the loving Mother and care for the community. A world traveler born and raised in Colombia with roots in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, she follows the path of healing with plants, energy and sound. From a young age Metsa Noma learned from her mother the art of natural remedies from the family's own care center utilizing herbal teas, alternative therapies, and natural remedies cultivating her love of healing and service to the community. She has studied under Kestembesta as an apprentice since 2014. "I am at service to medicine because it has transformed my life for the better and I'm dedicated to providing a space for people to have the opportunity I had." She is married to Ronin Mane and they have a baby boy. She also is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, Spiritual Counselor, and sound healer.
Raomis, Translator, Sound Healer, Event Organizer
Ronin Mane
Ronin Mane "flying anaconda" has studied with Kestenbetsa since 2017 and is also an apprentice on "the path of the Shaman" who also is a dedicated Curandero and certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, singer songwriter and father who helps facilitate the medicine in community in service to the greater awakening towards life love and happiness. His life long passion has been that of a spiritual journey through a combination of traditional yoga and shamanism practices.
Raomis, Expositor, Yoga Teacher / Sound Healer